Rapid Prototyping

Service Detail from 3 Dimensional Services

Rapid Prototyping-Image

When a single part and immediate turnaround are critical we turn to one of our four conventional rapid prototyping technologies-stereolithography (SLA), laminate object manufacturing (LOM), selective laser sintering (SLS) and metal laminating. Each technology produces a solid working model of the designÑcritical for hands on review of form, fit and function. An SLA's laser beam cures light sensitive polymers into the shape of the part.

The LOM's laser cuts thin layers of paper which are then laminated together to form the part. The SLS hardens powdered materials into part replicas and metal laminating layers metal into the shape of the part. These rapid modeling capabilities allow us to produce models that range in size up to 32" x 22" x 20"


  • (2) Laminated Object Manufacturing Systems (LOM 2030H) with a 32" x 22" x 20" Work Envelope
  • (2) Stereolithography Apparatuses (SLA 500) with a 20" x 20" x 24" Work Envelope
  • DTM Sinerstation 2000 with a 13" Diameter x 15" High work envelope (SLS process)
  • DTM Sinterstation 2500 with a 12" Diameter x 15" Work Envelope (SLS process)
  • UV Light Box with 32" Diameter x 24" Area
  • Lindberg "Sinter-All" Hydrogen Box Furnace