GD10P Infrared Point Gas Detector, SIL2

Featured Product from 3M Gas & Flame Detection, Personal Safety Division

The GD10P IR point gas detector monitors a wide range of flammable gases or carbon dioxide with quick detection and reliable accuracy. Offering an exceptional response time of 1.4 seconds for Methane (standard configuration) and also available for Propane, the GD10P is ideal for use in harsh environments. Its advanced design includes two solid-state infrared sensors that need no calibration or servicing during the lifetime of the device. The detector's infrared source is silicon-based and lasts up to 60 years ­unlike most infrared lamps that operate for only 3-4 years.

The GD10P conducts self-diagnostics and provides a warning if a malfunction is detected. It is suitable for many applications to include offshore oil and gas platforms, chemical and petrochemical plants, waste disposal, gas turbines, and general industry. For retrofit applications, a bridge interface is available allowing the detector to be connected directly to catalytic systems, using the existing cabling and control modules.

The GD10P comes with 5 years warranty on the complete transmitter and a 15 year warranty on the IR Source.