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New BLDC motor with integrated driver

Featured Product from 3X Motion Technologies Co., Ltd

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3X Motion technologies has recently developed a brushless motor with integrated driver, and the motor size can be from 57mm to 90mm.

It can realize simple DC control, motor speed regulation, speed feedback, high service life, precise temperature protection and other functions.

Applicable to all types of pumps and AGVs.

The specific advantages and features of this series of products are as follows:

  • Built-in brushless driver, DC voltage input, plug can be useddirectly.
  • Motor speed regulation function, closed loop control, can use analog voltage and PWM speed regulation mode, can output speed feedback, accurate control.
  • IncludingThermal overload protection with automatic recovery, precise protection of motor and driver, automatically power off when the temperature is too high, and automatically restart when the temperature drops.
  • The brushless motor used in this series has a lifetimeof up to 30,000 hours and a wide range of applications.
  • The ambient temperature ranges from -40 ° C to + 75 ° C
  • Up to IP67protection(under the condition of protection of the output end face)
  • Power from 50W to 500W can be achieved
  • Rated speed range from 1000-5000rpm can be customized
  • Vibration standard refer to GB2807-81

Now the 60 series is ready for mass production and can accept customer orders at any time. The 90 series can also be put into official production at the end of the year.