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New BLDC roller motor for the logistics industry

Featured Product from 3X Motion Technologies Co., Ltd

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In recent years, with the popularity of Internet shopping and the rapid development of urban informatization, the express delivery industry has also achieved unprecedented rapid development. The rapid rise of the logistics field makes the demand for industry automation higher and higher. From the traditional high-intensity and high-density manpower industry to today's sorting machine, conveyor belt, the wide application of AGV, the work efficiency of the logistics industry has been rapidly improved, and the work intensity of logistics workers has been greatly reduced.

Based on this market background 3X Motion developed a series of low speed direct drive brushless roller motor products.

In June 2021, we launched the first 67BWA series roller motor, which gained wide attention in the market. We have applied such products to logistics sorting conveyor belt, airport baggage conveyor belt and other fields, the maximum daily manufacture output can reach 300 units/day.

In addition to the application of logistics industry, we found that unmanned restaurant (robot restaurant), food packaging industry and food processing industry have also chosen our roller motors.

So after nearly a year of development time, our new size roller motor, 50mm and 83mm products officially came out.

Our new 50 BWA and 83 BWA series, also direct drive low speed roller motors with built-in drive, also use magnetic encoder and Hall sensors. It provides more choices for different customers.

We also have the ability to customize brushless roller motors of other diameters, and can also customize servo roller motors according to customer requirements and budgets.

We will also take our whole series of products to Shanghai CeMAT 2022 exhibition in December 2022. We believe that with the launch of serialized roller motor, 3X Motion will better adapt to the development and application of today's logistics industry.