PM stepping motor - PM25L Series

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The 3X Motion pm stepper motor (25 Series) have much advantage: Reliable performance, stable quality, cost-effective, strong supply capacity, high quality service.


(1) control circuit

The drive control circuit of a PM stepping motor is a logic distribution circuit that distributes the pulse to each phase coil, or a drive switch circuit that provides excitation to the coil. This circuit is very simple compared with other servo control circuits.

(2) adaptability to CNC machines

PM stepping motor is easy to be combined with the application of microcomputer equipment, the advantages of the rotation Angle, speed, positive and negative rotation; Start, stop and other action control accurate and rapid.

(3) positioning control

Dc motor and other servo motors for positioning control, keep the rotor at a certain Angle, must be uninterrupted electrified, in order to achieve the braking effect. The stepper motor can obtain the maintaining torque as long as the excitation is maintained. Permanent magnet stepping motor and hybrid stepping motor can get the positioning torque even if the excitation is cut off. Therefore, it is simple and low cost to realize accurate positioning control with PM stepping motor.

(4) Step angle tolerance

The Angle error of PM stepping motor is usually about 5% of the basic step Angle, so the input pulse has no accumulated tolerance, so the positioning accuracy is very high.

(5)  low speed and high torque

Compared with other similar motors, PM stepping motors belong to low speed and high torque motors. The working speed of other servo motors is more than 1000 RPM, while the speed of the 1.8° stepping motor is only 300rpm when it is driven at the speed of 1000 pulses per second, so it belongs to the motor with low speed and high torque.

(6) variable speed control

The rotation Angle of PM stepper motor is proportional to the input pulse, and the rotation speed is proportional to the input pulse (frequency), as long as the pulse rate is simply changed, can achieve a large range of control speed change.

(7) high reliability

PM stepping motor has no wear parts such as brush and commutate except the bearing, so it is a reliable motor with long life without special maintenance.

Typical Applications:

  • Laptop
  • Printer
  • Automotive industry
  • Home application