pixxiLCD-39P4-CTP Intelligent Display Module

Featured Product from 4D Systems Pty., Ltd.

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The pixxiLCD-39 is part of the new and revolutionary pixxiLCD series of embedded graphics displays designed and manufactured by 4D Systems. Developed with low total cost of ownership in mind, this 3.9” landscape colour TFT-LCD compact Intelligent Display module offers an array of functionality and options for any designer, integrator or user wishing to add a full colour HMI into an application. 

The 3.9" landscape display is IPS with wide viewing angles.

The pixxiLCD-39 is powered by the configurable PIXXI-44 graphics processor, allowing various functionalities such as touch detection, microSD or serial flash memory storage, GPIO, and ADC, along with multiple millisecond resolution timers, and UART and I2C communication.

The pixxiLCD-39 embedded graphics displays comes in two variants:

  • Non-touch - pixxiLCD-39P4 
  • Capacitive-touch - pixxiLCD-39P4-CTP

The pixxiLCD embedded graphics displays are 100% compatible with the Workshop4 IDE, which provides users with a wealth of options for programming and controlling their system.

The pixxiLCD embedded graphics displays feature a standard 15-way, 0.5mm pitch ZIF socket interface which carries the UART, I/O, I2C, power, and reset signals to/from the display. 

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