Low voltage motors

Product Announcement from ABB Drives

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ABB offers a wide range of low voltage AC motors with improved energy efficiency and lifecycle value.

ABB has long advocated the need for efficiency in motors, and high efficiency products have formed the core of its portfolio for many years.

Our offering

Process Performance Motors
IEC frame sizes 71 to 450
0.25 to 1000 kW

General Performance Motors
IEC frame sizes 56 to 250
0.06 to 55 kW

Brake Motors
Motor types M3VRF/S, M3ARF/S,
IEC sizes 63 to 180, 0.055 to 22 kW

Open Drip Proof Motors
Motor type M2FA
IEC sizes 280 to 400, 110 to 800 kW

Roller Table Motors
Motor type M3RP
IEC sizes 180 to 450

Smoke Venting Motors
Motor types M3QAW, M3AAW, M3BP
IEC sizes 80 to 400, 0.055 to 560 kW

Industrial Performance Motors
IEC frame sizes 63 to 400
0.12 to 630 kW

Marine Motors
All major classification societies certified

High Ambient Temperature Motors
Motor types M3APV, M3BPV
IEC sizes 132 to 250, 5.5 to 55 kW

Permanent Magnet Motors
Motor type M3BJ
IEC sizes 280 to 560

Single Phase Motors
Motor types M3VD, M3AD, M3AE, M3VE
IEC sizes 56 to 100, 0.065 to 2.2 kW

Water Cooled Motors
Motor type M3LP
IEC sizes 355 to 450, 315 to 1100 kW

Other applications

Motors for hazardous areas
All protection types, certified according to all major standards