Stop overloads & short circuits with MCBs

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Miniature circuit breakers protect installations against overload and short-circuit, warranting reliability and safety for operations. System pro M  compact SU200M, SU200MR and S200UDC series MCBs are current limiting UL 489 branch circuit protective devices. They have two different tripping mechanisms, the delayed thermal tripping mechanism for overload protection and the magnetic tripping mechanism for short circuit protection.  

The SU200M, SU200MR, and S200UDC miniature circuit breakers offer a compact solution for protection requirements. They are current-limiting according to UL 489 and DIN rail mounted. SU200M, SU200MR, and S200UDC MCBs come in up to 3 trip curves to provide maximum circuit protection.

− UL current limiting

− Fast breaking time

− Busbar system with busbars that can be cut to length

− Wide range of accessories

− Available with variable depth rotary handle mechanism

− CE certified and marked

− DIN rail mounting

− Finger safe terminals

− Multi-function terminals

− Suitable for reverse feed (except for S200UDC)

− UL 489 Listed - branch circuit protective device UL File #E212323