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700 ULTRA-D digital pH/ORP sensor

Featured Product from ABB Measurement & Analytics

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Part of the next generation of ABB’s pH/ORP sensors, the digital700 ULTRA-D is a high-performance electrode designed for ultra-pure water applications. Its reservoir-fed rechargeable design provides extended operation and minimal drift for applications down to 0.2 μS/cm. The 700 ULTRA-D is designed for use in boiler water, demineralized water, power plants, steam water analysis, reverse osmosis, condensate/feedwater.

Measurement made easy
The 12 mm digital pH/ORP sensor for use in ultra-pure applications

Increased efficiency

  • ABB’s glass formulation provides fast process response without compromising durability and robustness
  • Close-coupled temperature measurement ensures high accuracy even with rapid temperature changes

EZLink™ connectivity 

  • Plug-and-play technology makes sensor integration fast and easy
  • Advanced diagnostics providing end-of-life indication and fault analysis
  • Improved measurement accuracy with digital communication

Dependable performance

  • Refillable KCl reservoir providing maximum usability and extended operation in high purity applications with minimal drift
  • Triple ceramic junction reduces plugging while providing improved measurement stability and speed of response

Modular design 

  • Modular 12 mm sensor design, paired with intelligent accessories, provides mounting flexibility with safety and convenience in mind

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