ABB Subsea Technologies for offshore Oil & Gas

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ABB Ability™ solutions for offshore Oil & Gas explore deeper resources and increase profitability and reliability of operations through subsea power and automation.

As is the case in many other industries, Oil, Gas & Chemicals companies are embracing digital connectivity, cloud computing and automation, though the challenges of doing so in their often extreme locations require deep expertise in applying and managing the necessary hardware and software.

 Customer and industry need 
Today, platforms or floaters use topside powering installations, which limit the distance from which a platform can be tied from a reservoir (its step-out distance), and require strict personnel and environmental safety procedures. Multiple systems need to be integrated and then operated at the bottom of the sea. 

 ABB Ability™ solutions
ABB Ability solutions for Oil, Gas & Chemicals enable the transmission of up to 100 MW of power via one cable over distances up to 600 kilometers from shore and power equipment at depths of up to 3,000 meters. ABB Ability solutions also provide process controls that communicate with, and automate, the equipment operating on the seabed.

ABB and ABB Ability portfolio highlights:

→ Subsea technologies including

ABB Ability™ solutions for subsea power and automation allow Oil, Gas & Chemicals exploration to go further and deeper than ever before. While doing this, the technology helps customers reducing operational and capital expenditures as well as maintenance and operational costs.