Insulated Case DC Link Capacitors

Product Announcement from ABB Semiconductors

Insulated Case DC Link Capacitors-Image

If space is at a premium the NCL low inductance, low loss capacitors from 5S Components are the perfect solution for traction and static inverters used in IGBT based circuits.

The use of a high strength, low halogen content material with excellent electrical insulation properties, allows conductors to be placed in close proximity to the flame retardant moulded case. This enables higher component densities to be achieved, while separate insulation of the busbars to the case is not necessary.

Construction - Low loss metalized polypropylene is used as the dialectric. Depending upon the voltage, the assembled capacitor elements are impregnated with a minimal amount of high purity synthetic oil. The capacitor assembly is encased in fire resistant resin. All materials have been extensively used in the traction industry for over 20 years.

Applications - Traction propulsion and auxillary inverters, static inverters, power conditioning, windfarm generated energy transmission, energy storage.

Product Range - This range is designed for all frequencies up to 25 kHz and voltages between 800V and 4000V.

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