Another 5-Axis air bearing system

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ABTech Custom Design Solutions
Having just a quick moment to take a photo of another 5-Axis air bearing system (3 linear, 2 rotary axes) shipping to an OEM customer for their ultra-precision non-contact measurements.

Each linear air bearing axis with <.025 microns/25mm (<1microinch/ inch) straightness errors! X-axis travel: 400mm |
Y-axis travel: 200mm | Z-axis travel: 200mm | B-axis air bearing rotary table mounted to the Z-axis | C-axis rotary air bearing table with Tilt and Center worktable.

Do you need precision and robustness? If you rely on ultra?precision accuracy, ABTech HAS YOUR SOLUTION!

We will engineer a solution to meet all your ultra-precision needs and deliver on time. Made in the USA

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ABTech specializes in unparalleled expertise in the design and development of ultra-precision motion systems and metrology solutions. Our custom metrology gages, air bearing rotary tables, and turnkey multi-axis systems are designed, engineered, and manufactured entirely in-house, giving our customers flexibility at every stage from concept through delivery. Our measurement systems are ideal for applications ranging from precision optics, automotive, aerospace, aviation, and semiconductor to name a few.