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Watch>>>Smoke Show...Taking Transmission and valve assembly to precision accuracy! 
ABTech collaborated with a leading manufacturer of transmission valves to take production accuracy to the next level. High precision air bearing based diamond turning lathe and metrology station for matching ID to OD sizes to 50 millionths of an inch. Measuring the Outside diameter of the spool for size, roundness and concentricity and then applying the desired clearance in preparation for boring the sleeve to match allowed our customer to produce a precision valve that had not been available on the market. Using our air bearing linear slides, high speed air bearing spindle, rotary air bearing table, central machine tool controller and custom software, we quickly engineered and manufactured this custom work cell to satisfy our customer’s needs. The end result was a precision valve assembly that lasted longer in the transmission and produced a higher quality rebuild for the industry.

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ABTech specializes in unparalleled expertise in the design and development of ultra-precision motion systems and metrology solutions. Our custom metrology gages, air bearing rotary tables, and turnkey multi-axis systems are designed, engineered, and manufactured entirely in-house, giving our customers flexibility at every stage from concept through delivery. Our measurement systems are ideal for applications ranging from precision optics, automotive, aerospace, aviation, and semiconductor to name a few.