Wireless Gas Detection System for IAQ Control

Product Announcement from ACME Engineering Products, Inc.

Scalable system using Wireless Sensor-Transmitters communicating with a central Control Panel as well as Remote Wireless Relay Modules to operate ventilation equipment & Remote Alarms.


  • FCC/IC/ETSI/CE approved RF modules for up to 256 remote sensor-transmitters & up to 96 Remote Relay Modules.
  • Minimal installation cost - virtually no field wiring required.
  • Continuous 2 year Battery-powered sensor operation with self diagnostics. Sensors are also available for 24V AC operation.
  • Relay outputs from the Control Panel or from Remote Wireless Relay Modules.
  • "Plug-and-play".


  • Energy savings through the intermittent operation of ventilation equipment in enclosed facilities.
  • Suitable for garages, tunnels, warehouses and other enclosed commercial locations where a hazardous build-up of gases may occur.
  • Ideal for retrofit of existing buildings to improve safety and conserve energy.
  • Designed for multiple stage projects.

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