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High Voltage Jet Type Electrode Steam Boilers

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High Voltage Jet Type Electrode Steam Boilers 4.16 KV to 25 KV

The model CEJS High Voltage Electrode Steam Boiler is the proven leader with more hours of operating experience over a wide range of applications than any competitor. The CEJS electrodes are vertically mounted around the inside of the pressure vessel which enables the CEJS to produce maximum amounts of steam in a minimum amount of floor space.

Exclusive Features

  • ACME has been manufacturing the CEJS high voltage jet boilers since 1980.
    These custom built, high quality boilers incorporate many unique design features.
    The CEJS range is from 6MW to 53MW, at voltages up to 25 kV, 3 phase, 4-wire,
    The standard power feed includes both inside and outside insulators and quartz tubing, all rated for 25KV and used no matter the voltage of the boiler.
    The jet nozzles include guiding vanes for the definition of the jets, both at upper and lower levels.
    The reversible target plates are enclosed in a box in order to avoid splashing which could lead to a short circuit.
    The CEJS requires only 4 loops of control, three of which could be preset.
    Capacity control is 0-100% and full power can be reached from hot standby in approximately 1 minute.
    The CEJS operates at high conductivity leading to reduced blowdown percentages. 

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