Water and Wastewater Applications/Acme strainers

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ACME Automatic Scraper Strainers are ideal for municipal water and wastewater applications.  An ACME scraper-strainer will remove contaminates from water and pollutants from upstream facilities either acting as a main filter or a pre-filter for finer filtration processess which would quickly clog up if exposed to the full spectrum of contaminants.

An ACME scraper-strainer will automatically remove all particles down to 75 microns or larger prior to discharge.

"Grey water" recirculation applications

As plants seek to re-use as much water as possible, applications that used to be supplied by a potable-water source are being changed over to grey water sourcing. This pretreated water must be properly filtered for many applications, otherwise clogging or bio-fouling will result.

Some of these “grey water” applications include:

  • Pump seals;
  • Cooling tower water;
  • Wash down water;
  • Spray nozzles for foam suppression;
  • Spray nozzles for belt dewatering.

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