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Application in metallic and other inorganic coatings, including electrolytic, autocatalytic coatings, sprayed and anodic coatings on aluminium.

Recently published, UNE-EN ISO 6507-1: 2024 standard specifies the Vickers hardness test method for the three different force ranges applied in metallic materials, including hard metals and other cemented carbides, metal coatings and other inorganic coatings.
The Vickers hardness test is specified in this document for indentation diagonals between 0.020 mm and 1.400 mm.
Applies to metallic and other inorganic coatings, including electrolytic coatings, autocatalytic coatings, spray coatings and anodic coatings on aluminium.
Regular verification is specified for the user to check the test machine used.
UNE-EN ISO 6507-1: 2024 includes several Annexes (Regulatory and Informative), including: 
- Annex B (Regulatory). Table of correction factors for use in testing on curved surfaces.
- Annex D (Informative). Uncertainty of the measured hardness values.