Exceptional weatherability, corrosion resistance

Product Announcement from AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc.

LUMIFLON® FEVE Powder Resins Improve Coating Quality in Exterior Architectural Applications
LUMIFLON® FEVE powder resins from AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc., provide exceptional weatherability, corrosion resistance and environmental benefits when used in exterior architectural coatings applications. These resins do not require a solvent (VOC) and can be used in formulations to meet the AAMA 2605 specification for high-performance exterior architectural coatings.

“Our new powder coating developments focus on creating value by lowering cost, improving coating flexibility and surface quality, controlling coating gloss and producing new formulations to meet customers’ needs,” said Hongli Wang, Ph.D., Senior Technical Development Engineer

LUMIFLON for Corrosion-Resistant Topcoats
Topcoats formulated with LUMIFLON FEVE-based resins offer outstanding gloss and color retention and protect metal and concrete structures from corrosion. When used on buildings, bridges, aircraft, automobiles, water towers and solar panels, LUMIFLON FEVE-based topcoats do not degrade from UV light, wind, or rain and can be formulated to last 30 years or more. FEVE resins are available for almost any type of coating, including solvent-based, powder, environmentally friendly low-VOC and HAPs-free coatings, and water-based coatings. A transparent fluororesin, LUMIFLON can be used to make both clear and pigmented coatings in more than 230 colors in high-gloss to flat finishes. 

The primary benefits of LUMIFLON are its superior durability, weatherability and longevity. Because of the strength of LUMIFLON’s Carbon-Fluorine (C-F) bonds, and its unique chemical structure, the weatherability can be extended for years. In turn, the fluoropolymer’s durability prevents corrosion from water, oxygen and chloride. With its superior weatherability, LUMIFLON ensures a longer life on building exteriors and facades, resulting in less need for repainting and a substantial decrease in life cycle costs compared to other coatings on the market today.

In addition to its superior durability, LUMIFLON also offers architects the ability to use brighter colors and higher gloss than Kynar® PVDF systems. Kynar® dispersions are milky and cloudy, reducing the maximum gloss to about 40. LUMIFLON resins are clear, meaning that LUMIFLON resins have no matting effect, offering gloss values as high as 90. That means LUMIFLON offers architects the option to specify brighter, more varied and a broad range of gloss, from matte to high gloss. In addition, LUMIFLON coatings can be either heat cured or cured at ambient temperature, offering fabricators a choice between shop application or application in the field. A perfect match between coil coating colors and field applied coating colors can be obtained. LUMIFLON fluoropolymer coatings can also be used to repair Kynar® coatings in the field.

LUMIFLON has been used internationally on building exteriors and facades for over 25 years. Architects are learning that LUMIFLON coatings can be used on steel, aluminum, fiberglass, concrete and polycarbonate for 30 years without fading, providing weathering and corrosion protection.

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