FORBLUE™ membranes for chemical separation

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FORBLUE™ membranes for chemical separation
AGC launches FORBLUE™  A new brand of membrane products for separating various chemicals. The family includes membranes for electrochemistry, chlor-alkali elecroysis, electro/diffusion dialysis and gas humidification. FORBLUE membranes are used in many industries including H2 production, Cl2 production, acid recovery, wastewater treatment, salt removal, groundwater desalination and gas drying.

FORBLUE products include:

FORBLUE™ FLEMION® fluorinated ion exchange membrane
A fluorinated ion exchange membrane used to produce caustic soda/caustic potash in electrolysis plants.

FORBLUE™ sunsep™ Membrane for gas drying and dehumidifying
An environmentally friendly membrane gas dryer that does not require any power supply or maintenance.

A hydrocarbon type ion exchange membrane used for diffusion dialysis, electrodialysis and electrolysis.

A fluorinated cation exchange membrane used for electrolysis or electrodialysis processes.


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For almost a century, AGC Chemicals has been manufacturing high-performance materials serving industrial customers. Already the world's largest, longstanding custom compounder of PTFE and other fluoropolymer resins, AGC continues to build its product line with the introduction of FFKM resins that meet the growing demand for tougher, more durable products for today's production and manufacturing environments.