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Membrane for gas drying and dehumidifying

Featured Product from AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc.

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Membrane for gas drying and dehumidifying
FORBLUE™ sunsep™ is a gas dryer/humidi?er with a highly moisture-selective membrane. The module is simply structured with hollow fiber membranes and durable casings. The membrane is made from a fluorinated ionomer, so it has high chemical resistance and minimizes permeability of gases other than moisture. It features a simple mechanism of H2O pressure to cause wet/dry gas production.


  • Non-porous, for water-selective permeability
  • Available in wide variety of sizes
  • Can be used for drying and humidification
  • Easily connectable modules
  • Ecological – no energy input required
  • Highly durable – high chemical resistance
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Flexible



  • Humidification of oxygen
  • Humidification of specialty gases
  • Drying of sample gases


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