SAS-550-1B Battery Operated Active Monopole

Product Announcement from A.H. Systems Inc.

A.H. Systems' Active Monopole Antenna provides superior performance in electric field measurements. The Active Monopole Antenna can drive any receiver with 50 ohm input impedance and will perform FCC, MIL-STD and TEMPEST tests. The SAS-550-1B includes a battery pack and charger for open field test sites that may not have ready access to outlets.

Recommended accessories for the SAS-550-1B (items not shown) are: ATU-510 (Antenna Tripod Unit, wooden) AEH-510 (Azimuth and Elevation Head, Plastic) SAC-210 (3 meter BNC/BNC Cable, RG-58A/U) ADP-201 (BNC(f) to N(m) Adapter ECF-10 (Capacitance Fixture, 10pF)