The Case for Change: PXI Express (PXIe) vs. PXI

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PXIe instrumentation, the new standard for communications testing, is already used across the industry today, living side-by-side with PXI technology. Many PXIe chasses offer module slots that can accept either PXI, PXI hybrid, or PXIe modules, allowing PXIe instruments to coexist with existing PXI components. However, that PXI instrumentation will inevitably become obsolete over time, making it a good idea to fully switch to PXIe equipment sooner than later.

Want to learn more about how PXIe instrumentation can help optimize your operations? AMETEK Programmable Power’s newest white paper, The Case for Change: PXI Express (PXIe) vs. PXI, covers everything you need to know about the newer PXIe standard and how it can improve the speed and performance of your communications testing systems.

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