Composite Molds and Tooling

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Design and Build Composite Molds

Mold production for composite part fabrication has played an increasing important role at Apex since 1986. Today, we specialize in designing and constructing precision, multi-piece molds for demanding military, aerospace and commercial aircraft applications---particularly highly detailed, complex parts. Having a team of professionally seasoned tool designers and toolmakers intimately familiar with the materials used in composite structures-such as carbon fiber, fiberglass, toughened epoxy, BMI, Polyimide and one-part epoxy systems makes us a resource of choice to the industry.

Our knowledge of these materials and their unique processing parameters allows us to produce complex molds to exceptionally close tolerances for use in the RTM, Autoclave and Compression Mold Processes.

Design and Build Composite Tooling

Apex's ability to conceptualize, design and build the industry's most intricate tooling for composite part production has lead to ongoing assignments with the world's principal manufactures of emerging aircraft designs. Apex tooling has been used to produce a variety of parts that fly on today's most highly engineered commercial and military aircraft. These parts include: Missile bodies and wings, Spars and ribs, Thrust reverser components, Inlet ducts, Engine fan spacers, Engine fan blades, F-22 components, F-117 inlet grids, Inlet and outlet guide vanes, Control surfaces, UAV surfaces and JSF parts.
Tooling For:

  • RTM
  • Compression
  • Bond Fixtures
  • Assy. Jigs
  • Autoclave Molds
  • Drill Fixtures
  • Tooling Masters

Tooling Materials:

  • Steel
  • NAK55
  • PX5
  • P20
  • Aluminum
  • Tooling Board
  • Low-Melt Alloys