EMP/HEMP Filters

Featured Product from API Technologies Corp.

API Technologies’ model 52-1700-XXX High-altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) Filters are designed to protect sensitive electronics equipment during hazardous transient conditions.

They are employed to absorb a potentially destructive overshoot voltage. Under normal operating conditions, the suppressor circuit exhibits high off state impedance that appears transparent to the circuits they protect. If a voltage exceeding the switching voltage is applied to the circuit, the suppressor circuit switches to very low impedance effectively shorting out the high voltage. The suppressor circuit will remain in the low impedance state until the current flowing through the suppressor is either interrupted or drops to a safe level. Once this occurs, the suppressor resets and returns to a high off-state impedance. These High Voltage HEMP Filters will also help meet the requirements of MIL-STD-188-125.