Sealing Solutions in Defense & Aerospace

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In the aerospace and defense industries, sensitive electronics play a vital role in nearly every mission. As these components are critical to the success or failure of each operation, protecting them from damage that may potentially affect performance is essential. Damage occurs in several ways, including exposure to contaminants—such as dust, dirt, water, and other elements—in operating environments. Sealing products, such as sealing hardware and switch boots, can prevent these contaminants from penetrating through to the delicate internal components.

At APM Hexseal, we provide a variety of sealing solutions suitable for use in the defense and aerospace industries. These products protect electronic and electrical systems from damage, ensuring they remain at peak performance for their critical operations.



Sealing products find use in a wide range of applications throughout the military/defense and aerospace industries.

In the military/defense industry, they are used to create an airtight or watertight seal around enclosure openings to prevent contaminants from entering. Common applications for these protective products include use as:

  • Inner/outer seals around doors, windows, and hatches
  • Safeguarding personal protective and communication equipment (e.g.,headsets and helmets)
  • Protection for interior engine compartments and mechanical systems.
  • Vibration mounts for electronic displays
  • Protective covers for electronic components on mission-critical systems

In the aerospace industry, protective sealing products similarly protect equipment by keeping environmental contaminants out and necessary process fluids in. Some examples of aerospace equipment they are used in