ARI-STEVI® Three-Way Control Valves

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Three-Way Control Valves

  • Type 450/451 – As mixing or diverting valve.
    • PN16 – PN40, DN15 – DN150
  • Type 423/463 – As mixing or diverting valve.
    • PN16 – PN40, DN200 – DN300
  • Type 453 – With pump spill back for feed water.
    • PN40, DN25 - DN100
  • Type 485 - Mixing valve for water service.
    • PN16, DN15 – DN150


Control Valves
ARI makes a wide range of control valves and actuators. Straight-through or three-way control valves with electric or pneumatic actuators are designed in several types and with variable trim options to accurately regulate everything from cold water to aggressive thermal oils.

All of our control valves are available with or without a stainless steel double walled bellows, for leakproof maintenance?free sealing of high temperature or aggressive media. In addition: rangeability from 30:1 to 50:1, multiple materials, several types of actuators, and an extensive list of control accessories means that no matter your application, we will likely have the perfect solution. If you can't find what you need on this list give us a call, we'd be happy to help you with a customized setup!

High Quality Products for a Wide Range Applications
ARI products are in service around the globe. Whether it is manufacturing cars, ships, chemicals, food processing or heating technology. You will find ARI where any fluid, liquid, gas or vapor needs to be isolated, secured or regulated. As a perennial member of more than 30 representatives on all continents around the globe, we can provide you with the advantages of a reliable partnership - wherever you are.