MCB1700 Evaluation Board

Product Announcement from ARM Inc.

MCB1700 Evaluation Board-Image

The MCB1700 Evaluation Board is available in two different configurations:

Components Included

The MCB1700 Evaluation Board includes the following:

System Requirements

  • PC with one available USB port,
  • Windows 2000, XP, and Vista,
  • One CD-ROM drive,
  • ULINK family USB-JTAG Adapter for high-performance Debug/Download (optional).

Starter Kit

The following MCB1700 Starter Kits (which include a ULINK-ME USB-JTAG Adapter) are available:

Evaluation Software

The MCB1700 Evaluation Board and Starter Kit include MDK-ARM Evaluation Tools. These tools help you get started writing programs and testing the microcontroller and its capabilities. Sample applications which run on the MCB1700 are included.