Product Announcement from ASO Safety Solutions Inc.


ASO Safety Solutions manufactures safety bumpers for use on transport vehicles, automated guided vehicles, and in applications where over travel and cushioning is critical. Easily replace existing safety bumpers to length and width specifications. Short response time of the actuated bumper for immediate controller stop signal.

Also available from ASO Safety Solutions;

  • GE Series Safety Edges ideal for protection on automated doors and machines and on equipment with crushing or shear areas needing protection.
  • ASK Series Safety Mats ideal for protection around machinery, robots and many industrial automation applications.

ASO is a world leader in the supply of Safety Edges and Safety Mats. Use our quick Product Finder to fit your exact applications:

Door and Gate

Mechancial Engineering

Transportation (Bus and Train) Doors

Medical Equipment

Lift Building

Stage & Theatre Machinery

ASO develops, produces and sells Safety contact edges, mats and bumpers as well as control and sensor elements. ASO Safety can be found on automatic doors and gates, on machines and transport systems worldwide.