Safety Contact Bumpers

Product Announcement from ASO Safety Solutions Inc.

Safety Contact Bumpers -Image

Safety bumpers are used on transport vehicles, high-reach forklifts, and in applications where overtravel and cushioning is critical. The short response time of the actuated bumper initiates an immediate controller stop signal.

Lengths and Connections
The ASB Safety Bumper is available in lengths up to 3,000 mm (9.8 ft). Wiring outputs are located at each end of the bumper.

Special designs and special shapes available on request.

Covering and Colors
The exterior surface is available as Polyurethane or NBR rubber. Standard colors for the Polyurethane exterior are either black or black with yellow stripes. The NBR rubber exterior is black, on which yellow stripes can be applied.

Construction and Function
The ASB Safety Bumper consists of a foam core and an aluminum base covered with vulcanized polyurethane or NBR rubber. The cover provides excellent protection against damage and moisture.

A safety contact strip is located internally and is activated when the bumper is compressed. This signal is processed by the evaluation electronics and leads to the immediate stop command.

Connecting Options
ASB bumpers can be connected to an evaluation device both individually as well as in series. A maximum of 10 bumpers may be connected to a single evaluation device. The maximum combined bumper and cable length can not exceed 75 m (246 ft). Where several bumpers are combined to form a chain, the 8.2 KW terminal resistor must be installed on the last bumper.