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Heat Induction Treatment of Metal - New standard

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A new ASTM International standard will help those who both provide and use induction-heat treatment to strengthen metals. While guides and specifications already exist to qualify standard heat treating furnaces, this new standard will be the first generally accepted guide for qualification of induction heat treating, which heats metal electronically by passing it through a series of coils.
The new standard was developed by ASTM’s committee on steel, stainless steel, and related alloys (A01).
According to ASTM member Lester Burgess, director of technical services and quality at TSP/US Bolt Manufacturing, induction heat treatment providers will use the new guide to help define and accomplish needed internal qualification and control of processes. The guide will also allow users to better qualify and confirm the competency of providers. Other stakeholders will find the guide useful as an auditing process for evaluating providers. 
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