Rotameter... high purity applications

Product Announcement from Aalborg Instruments

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Aalborg®'s    Model F In-Line Single Tube Rotameter, made entirely of PTFE, PFA, and PCTFE, excels for high-purity applications or for use with corrosive liquids. Low Range and High Range F Style Models are individually tested on a Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector and certified.

Design Features Include:

  • Chemically inert wetted components.
  • Removable protective shield.
  • Individual leak testing.


  • Scales- 0 to 10 markings.
  • Accuracy- ±5% of full scale.
  • Maximum Temperature- 250°F (121ºC)
  • maximum Pressure- 100 psig (6.7 bars).
  • Leak Integrity- Individually leak-tested and certified to a rating of 10-7sccs of Helium.
  • Units are available with a standard valve to monitor and control flow or without a valve to just monitor flow.

Materials of Construction:

  • Tube Shields- Polycarbonate
  • Flow Tubes- PTFE, PFA.
  • Floats- PTFE.
  • Wetted Parts- PTFE and fittings. PCTFE guide rods.


  • Low Range Models- 511/16" Length x 1¼" O.D.
  • High Range Models- 10½" Length x 2" O.D.

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