Multi- Flow Tube Gas Proportioner Rotameter

Product Announcement from Aalborg Instruments

 Multi- Flow Tube Gas Proportioner Rotameter-Image

Multi-Tube Gas Proportioners lend flexibility and economy to the utilization of component gas cylinders and "piped-in" supply lines. Another advantage in laboratory investigations is the freedom to reproducibility increase or decrease concentrations during the course of an experiment.

The flowrates are not affected by downstream pressure variations as long as back pressures do not approach or exceed the input pressure. Input pressures of up to 200 psig (13.8 bars) can be used; however, customers very often find 50 psig (3.45 bars) a convenient setting to work with.

Meters are available with:

  • Built-in needle valves (CV™),
  • High precision metering valves (MFV™) with "non-rising stems",
  • No valves.

The higher cost of MFV™ valves is justified whenever high sensitivity control and resolution are desirable, particularly in conjunction with metering tubes of very low flowrates.

Design Features Include:

  • Rib-guided or fluted metering tubes facilitate stable, accurate readings.
  • Optigrad™ scales minimize parallax and eye fatigue.
  • Interchangeability of flow tubes and floats.
  • Simple means of panel mounting.