Passivation Cleaning

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Passivation is a chemical cleaning process that is designed to remove free iron and other ferrous contaminants from the surface of stainless steel parts. By removing the contamination from machining, stamping, etc., you are helping restore the material to the original mill condition and corrosion specifications.


  • Several popular grades of stainless steel should not be passivated due to low levels of chromium and nickel. When passivated, you run the risk of flask attack occurring which weakens the base material and does irreparable damage to the part.
  • Welded or brazed parts are not recommended for passivation. The process is not capable of removing the scale and discoloration in the "heat affected zone".
  • As an alternative to passivation, your part may be better suited for our proprietary Brite Passivation process. This process involves a light electropolish, which is a superior process to passivation for improving corrosion resistance.