Low-Profile, High-Current Power Inductors

Featured Product from Abracon, LLC

Low-Profile, High-Current Power Inductors-Image

Abracon's next-generation power inductors: where size meets power. The line is optimized for a wide range of applications from high power automotive and industrial grade to medium power low-profile solutions down to ultra-compact wearable devices and IoT. These inductors enable higher power delivery in smaller footprints while tolerating more heat. 

The product line features miniature chip inductors in packages as small as 1.6 mm x 0.8 mm x 0.8 mm with RMS current carrying up to 5 A and automotive grade inductors with up 118 A of saturation current. The automotive grade inductors support AEC-Q200 grade 0 or 1 (-55°C to +155°C or -40°C to +125°C), PPAP level 3, and TS-16949 qualified manufacturing.

Standard Applications

  • Drones and robotics
  • Solar inverters and solar power
  • Industrial applications
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Battery operated devices
  • Medical and medical monitoring
  • DC/DC converters and switches
  • Mode power supplies
Automotive-Grade Applications
  • IoT, Industrial IoT (IIoT)
  • Transportation
  • Navigation
  • Audio and video
  • Lighting, LED ballasts
  • Motor controls
  • Automotive Body Electronics & Comfort System
  • Infotainment & Entertainment

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