Coated Optics for Scanning & Imaging

Service Detail from Abrisa Technologies

Abrisa Technologies coated solutions are designed to enhance the performance of medical imaging or scanning systems by providing contrast enhancement for laser or fluorescence based imaging, heat removal and throughput loss reduction. Coatings are available with chemical resistance and high thermal humidity resistance suited for autoclaving used in sterilization processes.

Quality control, consistency, and reliability are critical for manufacturers of bio-medical and FDA regulated medical devices and biochips. For over two decades, Abrisa Technologies has supplied optical solutions for these light enabled and fluorescence induced applications. We take pride in our ability to offer design-for-manufacture assistance, starting with a knowledge base for your application; understanding the complexities and unique optical, environmental, and use requirements, then collaborating with you to develop innovative and cost effective solutions to complex problems.

Product Offering:


    • Wavelength separation cut-on/off
    • Selective bandpass
    • UV blocking/transmitting
    • Heat reducing
    • Excitation/emission filter
    • Color adjust/neutralizing
    • Anti-reflective (UV-NIR)
    • Mirror - metallic, dielectric
    • Transmissive conductive ITO

Substrates (sheets & wafers):

        • Eagle XG, AF 32, D 263, fused silica
        • Thin, = 0.2mm - Eagle XG
        • Customer furnished sapphire, silicon

Special Options:

      • Hydrophobic coatings
      • Bio-chemical compatibility
      • Photo etch compatible
      • Autoclavable
      • Anti-abrasion/scratch
      • Braze compatible
      • Zonal patterning