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Custom Coatings for Imaging, Sensing & Scanning

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Abrisa Technologies offers coated solutions from the UV to the IR, designed for imaging, sensing, and laser scanning where high throughput efficiency, signal selection, contrast enhancement, color neutrality/correction, thermal management, electro-optical performance, and environmental robustness is required. Designs can be optimized to mate to CMOS cameras, to select signal, provide contrast enhancement, or alter spectral responsivity or output.

Broadband Wide Angle Anti-Reflection Coatings
Our broadband anti-reflection coatings provide excellent optical
imaging performance with design considerations for large angles
of incidence up to 55 degrees, polarization bias, low specular and
diffuse reflection, color neutrality, and tough environmental use

 • Angles of Incidence up to 55 Degrees

• Outdoor & Oleo/hydrophobic Options
 • Accommodation for UV Curing/Bonding

Narrow & Laser Line Anti-Reflection Coatings
LiDAR, image scanners, 3D additive manufacturing, telecom, emitter/receivers, and electro-optic devices need low reflection to
avoid unwanted 3D print artifacts, ghosting or back reflections that
interfere with detection. V-coatings with R < 0.1% work best for
narrow line lasers, while U-coatings with R < 0.3 - 0.5%, are best
for broader DLP’s or diodes and large angles of incidence.

 • 375, 405, 532, 633, 840, 904, 940, 1064, 1550nm, More
 • Angles of Incidence up to 55 Degrees

 • Outdoor & Oleo/Hydrophobic Options
 • Epoxy, Graphics, Gasket, Bio-Compatible Options

Specialty Mirror Coatings - Autoclavable
Many applications require mirrors for beam steering and folded
beam paths in order to fit into small footprint handhelds, compact
devices or UAV’s, and with high reflectance delivered on small, thin
and often, lightweight substrates. In the medical and dental industries, mirrors must also be bio-compatible and survive autoclaving with high heat and humidity. We specialize in dielectric mirrors specifically designed for use in tough environments.

 • High Reflectivity - Broadband, Multiband, Laser Line
 • Angle of Incidence from 0 to 60 Degrees
 • Autoclavability & Water Spot Resistance

 • Bio-Compatibility, Chemical Resistance
 • Low CTE & Thin Lightweight Technology Glass
 • Abrasion & Scratch Resistance

Filter Solutions
Abrisa Technologies offers a wide variety of custom and cut-to-order
filters for many applications from the UV to IR. Filters are often used
for contrast enhancement in machine vision, signal separation at
sensors, projected color or color temperature, separating or
combining different spectral ranges for imaging, analysis or
metrology. Filters are made from color glass, all dielectric, metallic
or hybrid coatings.

 • Bandpass: Dielectric, Coated Color Glass
 • Color, RGB, CYM: Color Glass, Dielectric
 • Color Temperature/Correction: Dielectric
 • Defense: NVIS, Covert, Semi-Covert, Blackeye
 • Dichroics, LWP, SWP: Dielectric
 • Outdoor & Oleo/Hydrophobic Options
 • Epoxy, Graphics, Gasket, Bio-Compatible Options

 • Hot & Cold Mirrors: Dielectric
 • Neutral Density: Metallic/Reflective
 • UV Blocking/Transmitting: Dielectric
 • IR Blocking/Transmitting
 • Custom Designs