CNC Precision Machined Optics & Flat Glass

Service Detail from Abrisa Technologies

Abrisa Technologies provides multiple technologies/processes to support your glass/optics shapes, surfaces, edging, and hole drilling requirements. Depending on glass types, thicknesses, hole diameter, and edge quality; Abrisa Technologies can choose between CNC machining, opposed edge drilling, or abrasive material removal or sandblasting to meet your specific glass fabrication requirements.

  • CNC Processing - (Shapes, Notching, Slotting, Grooving, Step Grinding) - CNC machining can provide any custom shape with any type of ground or polished edging, including parts with holes, tapers, notches, slots, grooves, or stepped surfaces.
  • Drilling - (Holes & Tapers) - through holes, blind holes, step holes, countersink holes
  • Circle Grinding
  • Countersink & Inside dimensional Seaming