Custom CNC Machining & Fabrication Flat Glass

Service Detail from Abrisa Technologies

Glass Machining Capabilities

Abrisa Technologies can provide high precision machining of a broad array of flat glass substrates such as soda lime, borosilicate (Borofloat®), fused silica and quartz, Pyran®, Robax®, HIE glass such as AGC Dragontrail, Corning® Gorilla® Glass, SCHOTT Xensation™, EN-A1, AS 87, D263, Eagle XG and more.

High volume, large capacity machining or prototype machining is all done on site at our Santa Paula manufacturing facility.

Typical machining capabilities include:

  • Cutting - click here for more info
    • Waterjet
    • Scribe Cutting
    • Hand Cutting
    • Precision XY Sawing (slicing)
    • Tube & Rod Cutting
    • Angles and Multi-level Bevels
    • Seams
    • Corner Dubbing
    • Circle and Flat
    • Pencil and Polished Edges
    • CNC Processing
    • Shapes
    • Notches
    • Slotting
    • Grooving
    • Drilling - Holes and Tapers
    • Circle Grinding & Polishing
    • Buffing and Lapping
    • Sandblasting