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Precision CNC Machining & Cutting of Flat Glass

Service Detail from Abrisa Technologies

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Custom Cutting & Machining

Abrisa Technologies provides custom flat glass components from small singulated wafer components to large multi meter sized protective glass solutions for display, instrument, and sensor array panels. Fabrication can be as simple as water jet cutting or as sophisticated as CNC machined and shaped parts with precision registered features suitable for airtight seals, precision controls mounting, and much more. Fabrication services are available on any of our 0.1 mm to several inch thick glass, ceramic, and specialty technology glass solutions.


  • Waterjet
  • Scribe Cutting
  • Hand Cutting
  • Precision XY Sawing (Slicer)
  • Wafer Dicing
  • Ultra-Thin Glass Cutting

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  • CNC Processing
  • Shaping & Circle Grinding
  • Notching & Slotting
  • Grooving
  • Step Surfacing & Countersinking
  • Drilling (Holes & Tapers)

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Edge Finishing

  • Angled & Multi-Level Bevels
  • Seaming
  • Corner Dubbing
  • Radiused Corners
  • Circle & Flat Grinding
  • Pencil & Polished Edging

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