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Precision Glass Components & Custom Optics

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Abrisa Technologies designs, manufactures and distributes specialty glass and optical products as well as thin film coatings for the medical, display, defense, imaging systems, photovoltaic and lighting and entertainments markets. Our extensive knowledge of glass substrates and our expertise in glass properties makes us uniquely qualified to provide the best glass for optimum performance.

Glass selection is the first step in each project. Since each substrate has distinctive qualities, we carefully review the glass products and their respective properties at the onset of each job. We evaluate characteristics such as thermal, optical, chemical, electrical and mechanical to recommend the ideal material for your application.

It all starts with the basic element, the glass. Each substrate has unique and specific qualities which are matched to the application and specifications that your unique project requires. Abrisa Technologies offers:

Soda Lime, Borosilicate, Glass & Ceramic, Specialty Glass, Mirrors, and Precision Thin Film Coatings.