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Transparent Conductive Coatings (ITO/IMITO)

Service Detail from Abrisa Technologies

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Abrisa Technologies specializes in the design and PVD coating of transparent conductive Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) and Index-Matched ITO (IMITO) for use on heated windows, bio sample test platforms, EMI shielded display glass, transparent electrodes used for LC switching, and other electro-optic applications. Designs can be optimized for enhanced throughput performance in air or index matched to other mediums, as well as address a wide range of performance attributes as broad or custom viewing angles, custom spectral ranges, and challenging use environments.

ITO/IMITO Heaters for Imaging
Heated ITO/IMITO windows are used for digital imaging and displays
to prevent fogging and ice build-up which can obscure viewing and
image capture. Anti-reflection properties, bus bars, wire bonding, and
connectors for electrical connectivity, filter performance, graphics, and
oleo/hydrophobics can be added for Ready-to-Install solutions. 

 • Single Layer, Accessible & Buried ITO/IMITO
 • IMITO – Index-Matched for Bonding
 • Throughput: Enhanced, Color Neutral/Bias Adjusted
 • Low CTE High Clarity SCHOTT BOROFLOAT® 33

ITO/IMITO EMI Shielded Display Glass
Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) shielding display filter glass is
used on cockpit displays, medical instrumentation, and other devices
sensitive to external electric field interference and/or to prevent
similar from emanating while still allowing high throughput viewing or
optical signal transmission to occur. 

 • Single Layer, Accessible & Buried ITO/IMITO
 • Sheet Resistance Down to ≤ 3 Ohms/Square
 • Low Diffuse Reflection, Sunlight Readability
 • Full Perimeter Bus Bars - CrNiAu, Ag Frit, Ag Epoxy

ITO/IMITO for Transparent Electrodes/LCoS
ITO/IMITO is an excellent choice for use as a transparent electrode
layer on LCoS and other LC based constructs or devices in need of
electro-optic properties with optical transparency. Typically made with
accessible IMITO on glass or silicon wafers as part of the construct for an optical switching chip or display.

 • Single Layer, Accessible ITO/IMITO
 • Visible, NIR Diode, Telecom, Broadband
 • High Throughput, Low Scatter Coatings
 • Wafers, Photolithographic Patterning (Special Request)

Popular Applications of Use:
Abrisa Technologies offers many transparent and conductive coating
solutions incorporating our ITO/IMITO and Indium Molybdenum Oxide
(IMO) coatings, or cut to order Fluoride Tin Oxide (FTO) coatings on
float glass to support applications as:

 • EMI Shielded Displays for Aircraft/Instruments
 • Anti-Fogging Heated Windows for Outdoor Imaging
 • Electro-Optical Switching, Telecom, Deflection or Targeting
 • Controlled Temperature Bio-Sample Surfaces
 • Static Energy Dissipation for Satellites & Sensors