PureFeed® Pharmaceutical DP-4 Feeder

Product Announcement from AccuRate/Schenck AccuRate

PureFeed® Pharmaceutical DP-4 Feeder-Image

Specifically designed and developed with pharmaceutical companies for pharmaceutical processes, Schenck AccuRate proudly introduces its new PureFeed® DP-4 Disc feeder. Developed in conjunction with an international group of pharmaceutical manufacturing and process people, the PureFeed® DP-4 is a highly innovative gravimetric feeder that can accurately meter dry pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and even cosmetic powders at feed rates as low as 20 grams / hour. Jet milling, continuous blending, medical-grade plastics compounding, packaging, coating, and ingredient weighing are just a few examples the new PureFeed® DP-4 can satisfy.

The key to the success of the new PureFeed® DP-4 is an innovative, speed controlled, inert ceramic feed disc (patent pending). Positioned at the base of a cylindrical, electropolished stainless steel material storage chamber, the disc rotates to precisely discharge tiny amounts of material, continuously and pulsation free over the entire 20 gram to 2 Kg feed rate range. Also, since the feed disc separates the material supply from the discharge point, there is no compaction and no chance of flooding. Low maintenance and ease of disassembly, cleaning and containment were major design priorities for the PureFeed® DP-4 Disc Feeder. All stainless steel contact surfaces are electropolished and the zirconium oxide ceramic feed disc is resistant to wear and unaffected by aggressive cleaning agents, and high temperatures. All connecting pieces are secured using sanitary quick release clamps and the inlet and discharge of the DP-4 feeder can be sealed to insure containment during transportation.