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Viewable 3D images and downloadable DXF, PROE, IGES & STEP drawings of precision machined fasteners and electronic hardware. ASM offers CAD On-Demand, view and print your part anytime, anywhere ! Your parts, custom designed or off the shelf, delivered fast

Accurate Screw Machine leads the precision-machined fastener industry by consistently supplying highest-quality custom designed and off-the-shelf electronic hardware and precision fasteners to the electronics, aerospace, medical, telecommunications and metal fabricating industries.

Always fast, reliable, and competitively priced, ASM stands committed to fulfilling all of your business' electronic hardware needs. Specializing in prototype and full production quantities of fasteners and fastener assemblies for every industrial electronics application.

Customized product orders ship within seven days, in-stock orders usually ship same day! Whether you're looking for captive screws, standoffs, panel screw retainers, handles and ferrules, electronic spacers, electronics bushings, panel screws, shoulder screws, electronic flat washers, or any other electronic hardware, Accurate Screw Machine is the source.

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