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Captive screws are commonly used in the manufacture of electronics, computer parts, furniture, and other goods that need to be made on high volume assembly lines, because captive screws are quicker and safer to use than more conventional types, as they don't fall and clog or damage machinery.

Many military contractors prefer to use captive screws to meet military standardization requirements and provide easy, safe access to objects needing repair. Captive screws also allow for rapid assembly line manufacture, because they can be installed at different points along the line.

Captive screws are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, much like conventional screws, designed for a wide range of applications. Some are designed to retract or pivot back to protect workers from being scraped or cut by the screws as products boards move down assembly lines. Others are designed to mount flush with the object they are installed upon.

Because captive screws are not standardized, it is important to be careful when trying to interchange two apparently similar types. Small differences in the threading, grooves, or shank may make switching out different captive screws difficult or inadvisable, depending upon the application.

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