Model 935 Pneumatic Pinch Valves

Product Announcement from Acro Associates, Inc.

Model 935 Pneumatic Pinch Valves -Image

Acro Associates' pneumatic pinch valves are designed to work with flexible tubing, where easy replacement of the entire fluid path is required. These valves are robustly designed making them suitable for pressure or vacuum services.

General Specifications

  • Dual acting, pneumatically-actuated pinch valve, available for either normally-opened (N/O) or normally-closed (N/C) operation.
  • Capable of pinching flexible tubing sized from 0.125" (3.2 mm) to 1.0" (25.4 mm) OD.
  • Accommodate a tubing hardness of <70 Durometer (Shore A). Higher tubing specifications may also be possible dependent upon the application.

Operating Pressure: 65–125 psig
Tube Loading: Snap In
Tube O.D. Range: 0.75" – 1.00" (19.1 mm-25.4 mm)
Tube Materials: <70 Durometer (Shore A)
State: N/O or N/C
Mounting Design: Panel or base
Seals: Panel
Manual Override: None