Composite Tooling

Service Detail from Acrolab Ltd.

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Acrolab supports the composite tooling industry with multiple products and services. Depending on what type of process you are running, thermal challenges can have a significant impact on the outcome of the final product. If you do not have a consistent and uniform cure your final product will be jeopardized. Acrolab can supply complete thermal system solutions to run your tooling and will work with your team on the thermal management of your composite tooling system and application

  What Can We Offer You For Your Composite Application?

  • You can choose one or all of the products/services below to suit your needs.
    • Thermal tooling review
    • Heating & cooling system design
    • Heaters: cartridge heaters, strip heaters, split heaters, channel heaters
    • Temperature sensors: thermocouples and RTDs
    • Isobar heat pipes (thermal pins): enhanced thermal performance
    • Tool insulation: mold insulation board
    • Platens: heated/cooled Isoplatens or heated/cooled platens
    • Schematics: electrical tool schematics and layout
    • Electrical box: tool junction boxes
    • Temperature control: control panels of all types
    • Install: turn-key install of our components and systems