Resistance Temperature Detector RTD Assemblies

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Acrolab's Resistance Temperature Detector RTD Assemblies utilize wire wound platinum elements and are of the "filled tube" or "MgO" construction, providing long operating life in high vibration and/or temperature applications. Acrolab offers standard and custom manufactured temperature sensors that are suitable to any industry.

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Common Applications Include:

  • plastic injection
  • medical/pharmaceutical
  • chemical
  • oil & gas
  • food
  • dairy
  • agricultural
  • general industrial applications


  • Element Types - Single platinum elements of 100 Ohms at 0 degrees centigrade and duplex elements of two 100-Ohm elements inside the same sheath are both available as standard. Elements of other resistive materials such as copper and nickel are available on request.
  • Self Heating - The self heating effect @25 degrees centigrade in water flowing at 3ft./sec. on a 3/16" OD SS sheath diameter RTD is 50 MW/degrees centigrade typical.
  • Standard - Exitation current and voltage 2mA @ 24 VDC.
  • Time Constant - The time constant for a 3/16" OD SS sheath diameter is 2.0 seconds typical.
  • Temperature Range - The standard temperature range is -100 degrees centigrade to 260 degrees centigrade. Higher ranges available (up to 550 degrees centigrade) on request.
  • Element Leads - Leadwire is stranded, silver plated copper with teflon insulation for low range units and stranded, silver plated copper with fiberglas insulation for high range units. Three lead wires are recommended to compensate for lead wire resistance in industrial applications.
  • Leadwire Insulation - Maximum temperature rating; 260 degrees centigrade teflon and 550 degrees centigrade fiberglass.

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