Wide Format Magnet Sheet

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Wide Format Magnet Sheet
Adams’ MegaMAG™ available in 40” or 48” in plain, with adhesive, or with direct print laminate options

MegaMAG™ is flexible magnet sheet available in 40", 48", 50" and now 60" widths! for signs, screen printing, POP displays, digital imaging and more.

Available in 15, 20 or 30 mil thicknesses, MegaMAG™ can be used for most print media applications. Available plain, with adhesive or with a printable laminate that can be used with UV and Latex Ink Printers. It's also available with white dry erase laminate.  For custom and special orders, Adams can laminate other substrates to a MegaMAG™ product.

Common applications

• Large Format Graphics
• Interchangeable Graphics
• Magnet Wall Systems
• Printed Premiums
• Billboards
• Control Charts 


Printable Wide Format Magnet Sheet
Adams provides printing surface lamination in white matte, waterproof PVC (polyvinyl chloride). It is strongly recommended to test the material with your printer and ink system. The material is suitable for:

• Digital inkjet printing
• Screen printing
• Solvent ink
• Eco-solvent
• UV curable ink


Acrylic adhesive
Adams magnetic sheet uses APAA (All Purpose Acrylic Adhesive) which is good for most paper, cardboard, plastic, painted surfaces and most clean, dry metal surfaces. Note: Acrylic adhesives normally require 12 to 24 hours to meet maximum bond strength. The hold in place tack is immediate, but full hold strength requires chemical cure time, like with most other adhesives.

Backside laminate
A high-quality UV back coating protects from blocking, providing anti-stick and weatherproof performance.

Magnet wall applications
Adams MegaMAG™ will hold magnetic receptive materials in magnet wall systems.

Magnetization and strength
Adams wide format magnetic sheet uses a multi-pole magnetization pattern for maximum holding power of up to 130 pounds per square foot. Standard grade materials are significantly stronger on one side and can have adhesives or vinyl applied to the weak side. The weak side of MegaMAG will not hold magnetic receptive material. Adams magnetic sheet adheres and remains magnetic at temperatures as low as -15°F and as high as 170°F. Flexibility is reduced in cold temperatures and can cause loss of surface area adhesion, so please test your application if cold weather is a factor.

A Leader in the Field of Magnetics
Adams Magnetic Products has been engineering and manufacturing magnetic products since 1950. We are a custom manufacturer, fabricator and distributor of all types of permanent magnets, magnetic assemblies and devices: alnico, ceramic, flexible magnets, neodymium, samarium cobalt, rare earth, magnet assemblies, stock or custom. Choose from our millions of magnets in stock, or let us make your custom design.