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Advanced Assembly's Turnkey Service Makes it Easy to Get Fully Assembled PCBs Fast - Find Out How
Advanced Assembly makes it so easy to bring your designs to life with our full turnkey service. Watch this short video to learn about the advantages of turnkey PCB assembly and see some of our manufacturing facility.

In 2004, Advanced Assembly began providing reliable and efficient quick turn PCB assembly in the USA. We take pride in helping design engineers get their new electronic product designs built fast and built right. We work with engineers across the country, as they design everything from life-changing medical devices to new military technology, to one-of-a-kind experiments for launch into space.

We believe in our clients and their projects, and we understand the significance of their work beyond assembly. Whether you’re looking for quick turn prototype PCB assembly or a large-scale production, we work closely with engineers, procurement specialists, and designers to ensure their boards work perfectly right out of the box.

When working with us, you’ll have an exceptional experience from start to finish. All you need to do is send us your PCB design files, and we’ll comb through your project using our Design For Assembly software to ensure a manufacture-ready design. Finding these errors before production begins will save you time and money—all while circumventing any headaches. Then, we’ll use our industry partnerships to order the parts you need, and our engineers will begin their work within hours. If you need a reliable and professional quick turn PCB assembly partner, come work with Advanced Assembly.

Advanced Assembly has an incredible operational capacity and nearly limitless flexibility, so we know that we can get your project done fast. Our production facility utilizes the latest technology and equipment, and we always keep tabs on industry trends and customer demands. Here some of our quick turn PCB assembly capabilities:

  • Low to Mid-Volume Printed Circuit Board Assembly
  • Large Quantity Printed Circuit Board Assembly
  • SMT and Through-Hole Mounting
  • Press-Fit Technology
  • Double-Sided SMT Assembly
  • RoHS-Compliant Circuit Boards
  • BGA Component Reballing

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Advanced Assembly Capabilities



Advanced Assembly
Advanced Assembly is located in Colorado and is the #1 printed circuit board assembly company that provides services specifically for engineers needing fast prototype PCB assembly. The company’s assembly services are in demand by design engineers across all industries and multiple countries. Customers include 23 of the Fortune 500 companies such as 3M, Agilent Technologies, GE, HP, Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, Raytheon, and L-3 Communications. Examples of customer projects assembled by Advanced Assembly include automated insulin dispensers, sports scoreboards, army drone helicopters, hybrid automobiles and more.

To quickly assemble orders with extreme attention to accuracy, Advanced Assembly developed a proprietary software solution that automatically programs an assembly machine using customer-provided data. Now it is cost-effective to use machines to assemble any size order, even one board, and quality is improved by eliminating the potential for human error.

Engineers lean on Advanced Assembly's in-house expertise for advice and new services have been added to make outsourcing assembly even easier. One of the most unique value-added services offer is the ability to view designs prior to assembly. Advanced Assembly creates a digital image of a customer’s design based on actual manufacturing data. This helps customers fix potential problems before they cause delays or costly rework. No other competitor provides this service, which Advanced Assembly offers free of charge.

Here’s How Our First Article PCB Manufacturing Process Works

  • Place an order and request a first article.
  • We create your boards with an initial low-volume PCB assembly run.
  • We send the first boards at no additional charge. (General turn time is 3-5 days for the first article boards.)
  • You test the boards and send us any changes to the remaining order.
  • We make the changes with no extra programming or set-up costs and complete the assembly order.
  • The only thing you are responsible for are the changed materials