Hot Stamp and Embossed Labels

Product Announcement from Advanced Barcode & Label Technologies, Inc.

Hot Stamp and Embossed Labels-Image

Meet your packaging needs with ABLT's customized hot stamp and embossed labels.

Foil stamping, hot stamping and embossing create rich textured labels that gives a perceived extra value to products. These processes are often used on specialty foods, wine and high-end retail packaging to denote an exceptional level of quality.

Hot Stamping Foil is a dry printing process in which color pigments or metallic foil is transferred from a continuous roll to the label using heat, pressure and time.

Hot Stamped and Embossed labels can be made from a wide range of materials.

  • White High Gloss Paper for high appearance product identification
  • Bright Gold & Silver Foil Paper for a classy, elegant appearance
  • Tactile and Braille Embossed Labels to work with current packaging graphics
  • White Polyester Labels are pressure sensitive and survive many challenging environments
  • Matte Silver Polyester Labels look and act like aluminum and withstand high temperatures
  • Chrome Polyester Labels offer a permanent adhesive or a tamper evident "Void if Removed" adhesive
  • Clear Polyester Labels are ideal for beauty and skin care products
  • Embossed Gold or Silver Paper Labels to enhance look

E-mail or call us at 800-321-3653 to design a customized label solution to meet your unique needs.